Monday, June 3, 2013

Married Monday: Cotton Anniversary

Last Tuesday was my 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

After last year's anniversary, we wanted to do something that was closer to home and where we didn't have to travel to multiple places.  Also, because we got married on Memorial Day weekend, we automatically have a 3 day weekend!  We decided to go to the movies on Monday.  Before we prepared for Iron Man 3, we saw Thor and Avengers and rewatched Iron Man 1 and 2. With a recommendation from my boss, we went to CineBistro in Atlanta.  CineBistro is a dinner and a movie theatre. 
The experience was amazing!  When you walk in, they asked us what movie we wanted to see and where we wanted to sit.  They had stadium seating with attached tables and cup holders.  The leather seating was so comfortable too.  If you come in 30 minutes in advance, you will be able to order from their menu.  After you order, they serve you your meal during the previews.  If you wanted refills or wanted another meal, you could order from the bar and bring it back into the theatre.  Oh, and Iron Man 3 was awesome too!  Afterward, we went to a friend's cookout.

Also this is our "Cotton Anniversary," I had to find something perfect for my husband.  For my first anniversary (paper anniversary), I gave Brian love coupons and lyrics in a frame.  For our second anniversary, I saved up more money and decided not to take the DIY route.  Canvas People had a special on canvas photo where a 11x14 canvas was free.  All you had to pay was the shipping that was $18.95.  Their normal price would have been over $50.  They have specials all the time, so I may come back to add on to our collection!  Here are the results:

(L) Brian's gift: Card and Canvas of our wedding rings.
(R) My gift: Two cards (left card for the words and the right card for the 3D flowers) with the 25th Anniversary CD of Bad.
If I could paint, I would have tried it.  But I was only blessed with drawing skills.  Anyway, Brian enjoyed it!  Next year, I will try the DIY route again (especially since I will be knee deep in my licensing exams and will be spending $$$)

Here are three DIY suggestions I came up with before I went the store brought route:
  1. Make an anniversary t-shirt and write all the reasons you love him.  To prevent it from smearing in the wash, frame it!
  2. Instead of buying a ready made canvas photo, try this DIY Canvas Photo transfer!
  3. Get creative and paint on a canvas!
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What have you done for your anniversaries?


  1. What a neat idea! A couple weeks ago, one of our club members was having her 2nd anniversary and asked for suggestions for her "cotton" anniversary. There were nearly 100 suggestions back and so many were so creative. Makes me wish I had taken the time to observe the paper, cotton, and the 7 more than followed. Well, all is not lost because for our 10th anniversary, friends of ours gave us a beautiful antique tin cup with a sunflower in it and a beautiful note. So although we weren't the ones to give a "traditional" gift, at least we received one :).

    1. I wish I got to see those ideas! That's great to have all those suggestions to choose from. And your 10th anniversary gift sounded wonderful :-).


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