Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Things that go "QUACK"

In my household, 2 out of 3 people...or birds...prefer to not hear the sound of ducks and geese.  While I love them and think they are one of the cutest animals ever, Mr. Tibbs and Brian think differently.  If Mr. Tibbs hears one in the Retention pond behind our house, he instantly hisses or squawks at them.  Afterwards, Brian would give him praise with a "Go Tibby!"

Here are the many reasons Mr. Tibbs (and Brian) do not like ducks:
  • They wake Mr. Tibbs up early in the morning when he is trying to sleep:
  • Source: Google Images
    Listen to Mr. Tibbs response here.
  • They are conceited/annoying and let you know they are a duck 24/7:
  • Source: Google Images
    Quack from Peep and the Big Wide World.  They follow they adventures of a chicken, a robin and a duck.  Unfortunately, Mr. Tibbs hisses at this show when Quack talks.  (I would too, especially since Quack is annoying lol)
  • More proof they are annoying.  The duck song:
    Source: Tumblr
    Listen to the song here.
  • They are the reason "duck face" was invented:
  • Source: Pinterest.com
  • They always think about committing a crime:
  • Source: Poorlydrawnlines.com
  • And the final reason, they poop everywhere:
  • Source: Carolina Backyard Farm
Which team are you on?  Team Tibbs or Team Duck?
How could you not like this feathery face!

Source: Pinterest.com

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