Friday, June 21, 2013

Week Wrap Up With Photos

This post will contain all the weekly themes, enjoy! 

Guys, I'm tired.  Not just physically, but mentally.  Today is my first slow day in the past week and I finally get to sit down and post.  The times I thought I could post, I just didn't have the energy to do so.  This caused a semi-hiatus.  My blog wasn't the only thing that suffered, but so has my studying.  I know my exam is on Monday, but studying has not been first priority thanks to a couple of deadlines.  Here was the schedule I thought I was going to have this week:
Monday - Friday:
830am - 1pm: Work (with a hint of studying)
1pm - 2pm: Study
2pm - 530pm: Work (with a hint of studying)


Relax but lightly go over some the information I don't understand.
Here's what really happened:

Travel to Savannah with my boss.  If you don't know, it takes 4 hours to get from Atlanta to Savannah.  Originally, I wasn't suppose to go, but my co-worker had a meeting and I had to step in for him.  This was my first time going, and since this was a long trip, I used the 8 hours of travel to my advantage.  The travel wasn't the part that was draining, it was the HEAT.  While Atlanta got rain, Savannah was bright and sunny.  Normally that would be awesome, but I had to climb a flat roof and walk around a site.  My hair even suffered from all the heat and felt so dry (I had to do the LOC method when I got home).  Gosh, 85 degrees feels more comfortable than what I felt.  Here are some pictures:

Roof and site visit adventure. 
(Lower right) I'm the one in the pink.  By this time, my shirt was stuck to my skin.
Yummy food from The Pirate House
I finally got back in town at 10pm.  I didn't see Mr. Tibbs all day and he was been semi-cranky all week because of missing me and molting.  He finally started acting like his normal self last night.
Tuesday - Thursday:
Work on Marketing project.  I love marketing projects.  It reminds me of Architecture school; there are a couple of restrictions but you can be as creative as you want to be.  No details, just conceptual designs.

The difference between Architectural school and marketing projects, there is a shorter deadline.  We had to design everything in 4 days and present it.  Thank God I'm not part of the presentation group.  The design group produced everything from hand sketches to 3D models.  The presentation group presents it today, so hopefully we get the project!  I feel confident that we will.  Because of this project, I couldn't study during lunch like I planned.  I did study here and there once I got home.

Studying.  Remember I said some people from our firm will be presenting the project?  Well because of that and other people taking vacation today, there are only four people working today.  Do you know what that means? Study time!  Right now I'm typing and reading.  I guess the closer the exam date, the more I'm loving it.  Last weekend, this was me:

Today this is me:

This week, I was able to fit in some study time, but not what I originally planned.  I went over the material again and it's sticking but nerves are starting to kick in.  I'm scared about Monday.  When I feel like I'm "beastin' it" I find out I'm not there yet:
Oh well, Monday will let me know!  Wish me luck!

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