Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Architecture Random: Candy Crush

Brian and I are I'm very competitive.  It has taken me years to admit it, but I am.  Any video game that Brian has played, I've always found a way to "attempt" to beat his score.  I can only beat him in two games, but other games, I lose horribly.  Then Candy Crush came along. 

Source: Google Images
First it started with me catching up to my sister's level, then I accidentally got Brian hooked. 

Source: Google Images
Before I got serious about studying,  Brian and my sister were trailing me.  Once I got serious about the Architect Registration Exam, I only played Candy Crush in my free time, allowing Brian to catch up.  Two weeks before the exam (during my weakest moments), Brian caught up.  The day after the exam, I found out Brian was 20 levels ahead of me!  Today, he is 40 levels ahead.

Me: Level 213
Brian: Level 253
Now that NCARB started the Black out period for the ARE yesterday, I started my mission to catch up!

Last week, I was 8 levels behind him till I got stuck on level 201.  Brian has felt sorry for me and helped me figure it out.  Today, I'm on level 213 and I'm trying to keep myself distracted while I wait for my Construction Document and Services scores.  I think I can catch up before I start studying for the Site Planning and Design Exam in August. 

Let's see how I do!

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