Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend Recap

This holiday weekend has had its ups and downs!

Good News:
Friday, I had my first Christmas miracle...Brian and Mr. Tibbs were getting along!  It started when Brian was on Youtube looking up video game videos.  While Brian was preoccupied, Mr. Tibbs got interested in the videos.  That's when I convinced Brian to play some of Mr. Tibbs favorite videos:

Then I put my arm out and Mr. Tibbs climbed on Brian's shoulder:

Shocking right?

Bad News:
This Christmas was our first Christmas as a married couple.  It was a great feeling.  Even though money was tight this holiday, I did manage to give Brian a DS game and a matching key chain :-).

 After church, I got a shocking phone of my Mom's parakeet got a head injury. 

Side Story:
For my Mom birthday in 2006, my step dad brought her two parakeets, Sky and Angel.  Sky, the girl on the right, is very quiet.  Angel, the boy on the left, is very aggressive and loved to tweet.  Before I graduated college, I trained Sky to play outside the cage.

Since Angel was very aggressive, I never played with him.  The only person that he loved was my Mom.  Every time he saw my Mom, he would get on his ladder by the kitchen door and tweet till she left the room.  If I came in the room, he would stop tweeting till I left.  Through out the 5 years my Mom owned them, we always assumed that Sky and Angel were brother and sister because they were always fighting.  Angel would kick Sky with his foot and she would fall off the perch or swing.  Angel also got overprotective when Sky met Mr. Tibbs for the first time.

Well Sunday afternoon, Sky finally had enough.  Sky pecked Angel deep enough where he bled.  Discovered by my nephew, my Mom panicked and called me for help.  After googling for 30mins, we found out that if you apply pressure for 3-5 minutes, it should help.  He finally stopped but it reappeared before my Mom covered him up for bed.  Angel didn't survive the night.

My family is taking it pretty hard.  My Mom is even thinking about buying a new cage for Sky to help her grieve over Angel.  I hope that my Mom will be okay.

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