Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have been successful...

...In buying my husband's Christmas gift!  Because we were saving for the wedding for two years and other issues, Brian decided to take a break from buying video games.  He is an extreme gamer and I felt kinda bad that he can't continue his collection at the moment.  So, I had to trick him to see what he needed.
  1. First, I had to act like I wasn't interest in video games. 
  2. Next, I asked what his favorite games were when he talked about a game.  I had a feeling he would give his parents this list, so I had to see what his priority was and get more info.
  3. Finally, I checked when the last time he brought a game.  He told me 2008 and also told me the games he got as a gift in 2010.  That allowed me to research the games that released between 2009 - 2011 from the list of games he gave me.  I couldn't go in the room to check, then that would have been too suspicious. 
I did all this in 6 months so it wouldn't be obvious.  I'm not going to tell the gift just in case he clicks the History button on his computer to find my blog.  But it's what he always wanted plus an accessory to match the first gift.

18 days till Christmas Day!

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