Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Wrap Up - Part 1: 11 Hours and Counting

Over the past week, my schedule has been filled with deadlines and site visits.  Usually during lunch or slow times throughout the week, I try to post but I never got the chance.  Also, when I wear skirts, I don't feel like crawling under my desk to use the back USB ports

On Wednesday and Friday, I got the opportunity to go to School S and School B. 

Every other Wednesday, I usually go to an Owner-Architect-Contractor Meeting with the Project Manager for School S.  Here is the progress for School S:

They finally put up the brick.

Inside.  They painted the walls.

We have new corridors that connect the existing building with the new addition.  They found an existing column in the passage way.  They are moving the opening over a few feet to avoid it.

Damp proofing on the CMU before adding the insulation and brick.
 On Friday, we went to School B to see the progress they made from our last meeting.  Here's how it went:

The playground and the site with the sod.  Since it was raining, they are waiting till this week to roll the sod.

Leftover sod.
They added guidelines so they know where to add the track lines this week.
A little visitor came to our site!
Because of these two site visits, I am now down to 11 hours!

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