Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Site Visit in Heels

Sorry for the delay.  For the past week and a half, I've had two site visits.  One of the site visits were out of town and I've been documenting all the pictures for our survey for the past two weeks.  My bosses already had pictures from the previous visits, so I got a head start before I saw the conditions of the buildings in person.  The task is easier said than done.  In the meantime, my boss is checking my progress, so I have a little break.

Last Wednesday was School S' bi-weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor meeting.  These meetings consist of meeting in the Principal's office to discuss the construction progress of School S and doing a walking through of the new addition.  To prepare for these meetings, I bring my light blue hard hat and boots.  Usually, I would have on my muddy boots during the meeting, but I decided to be different and wear my heels.  My plan was to go to the car and change out of my heels in between the meeting and the site visit, but the principal had other plans.  Instead of going outside to go to the site, the principal wanted to go through the connecting corridor to go to the new addition.  It was fun to see the site from another view, but my feet thought otherwise.

Inside the storage room that is part of the connection between the existing and new building.  The contractor is currently closing the room off with insulation panels.


The door frames are painted

Sidewalks were added.
One of the first rooms with ceilings.

The doors currently stored on site.  I found out these are metal doors that have a wood look to them.

The windows sealed off from the rain.

My poor feet. I was leaning against the wall hoping we were done (we weren't) :-(.

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