Friday, April 27, 2012


Today at 3:16pm, the most amazing thing happened.  My final hours for my IDP finally went through.  For the past two weeks, my supervisor and I have been trying to approve my last 18 hours required to complete my internship record.  Since NCARB changed their system, this caused a couple of bugs.  For our bug, their solution was to use Firefox or Google Chrome's browser to approve the hours.  After 10 minutes of downloading the browser and watching my supervisor's every move from the other side of his desk, he gave me great news: "It went through!"  We doubled checked my records and all the categories were listed as 0 hours.  So after electronically submitting my completed record, I received this message: 
"Status: Your Record currently reflects that you have provisionally satisfied the requirements for the IDP. Your Record is currently in queue for a final evaluation. This should occur in the next 30 days, and you will receive a formal update afterward."

Here is their approval process:

After ~30 days, I will get my Authorization to Test letter telling me I can take my exams :-).  Even though I would have been halfway through the transmittal process, the weight has finally been lifted off my shoulders!

Time to celebrate!

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