Monday, May 28, 2012

Breaking Toilets and Breaking the Law, One Anniversary at a Time

Before we went out for the afternoon for our Anniversary
One year ago, I married the love of my life and my best friend. I'm still amazed by how time has flown. God has truly blessed us :-). Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband!

For our gift exchange, money was a little tight, so I didn't get to buy our wedding album.  Since I our first anniversary is the paper anniversary, I decided to be a DIY wife.  I knew creating these gifts were going to be a breeze.

Gift Exchange

Lyrics in a frame
For the first gift, I wanted to put the lyrics from our wedding in a frame.  I got the idea from one of my friends who got married the same month I did.  I had to decide between the song that I walked into for our ceremony or our first dance at the reception.  Since I only had space on a 8x10, I decided to use our ceremony song, "When I First Saw You."

Next I brought the frame and bag and hid it in my car while I came up with 3 layouts to have with the lyrics and our wedding picture together.  Finally, I reviewed it and put together everything on Friday! My results:
  • Family Dollar:
    • 11x17 Picture Frame with 8x10 matting - $5
    • Bag - $1
    • Photo - Free

Love Coupons
For a month, I had my eye on these love coupons from CVS for $10.99.  On Friday, before I went to CVS during lunch, I found out that the gift was only available online :-(.  Poor planning on my part.  I brought my card and then I had an idea.  Why don't I create a coupon?!  I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted after the day was over with, so I did a google search and found these:
Love Coupon Printables

On Friday, I cut 3 pages worth of coupons and I inserted it into the card that I brought from CVS.

My results:

  • CVS:
    • Card - $5.99. I splurged a little on the card.
 All together I spent $11.99!

Adventures of Awesome Brian:
After our gift exchange, Brian entertained me...but not on purpose.
  1. Brian almost broke our bedroom toilet twice.  The first time he clogged up the toilet.  The second time, he stood on top of the toilet to fix something in the shower and the toilet cover unsnapped.  He was just a few inches away from falling in the toilet.  This was two hours in between each other.
  2. After we got out the house, we headed to Red Robin for lunch. Reeeeeeeeed Robinnnnnnnnn, Yum!
  3. Our GPS made us do a semi-illegal turn while we were heading to another city.  As we made the turn, we got pulled over by the cops.  We didn't get a ticket, but the cop was more worried about our safety and wondering if we were lost.  He got us back on the interstate and I teased Brian some more!
  4. He introduced me to Orange Julius's.  Best orange dessert ever!
I spent the next couple of hours LMBO on a full stomach.

Wedding Cake:
Our night was spent eating our wedding cake.  My mother-in-law wrapped the cake in aluminum foil, plastic wrap, a zip lock bag and a wedding box.  On Sunday, we put the cake in the refrigerator and let it thaw for 24 hours.  Afterwards, we let it thaw on the counter for an extra hour.  Our original cake was almond flavor but I found out tonight that Brian made our top layer strawberry pineapple.  The cake still tasted as fresh as our wedding day.

I had a pretty awesome day!  I hope that our next anniversaries are as memorable as our first :-).

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