Friday, June 1, 2012

IDP Update

Happy June!

It has been officially 30 days and some change since I submitted my final hours for my internship record.  The last time I checked my status, I received the same general message as before:

"Your Record currently reflects that you have provisionally satisfied the requirements for the IDP. Your Record is currently in queue for a final evaluation. This should occur in the next 30 days, and you will receive a formal update afterward."

I got fed up after Memorial Day and called NCARB to verify that I wasn't seeing a generic message and if my record was actually under evaluation.  I received phony statuses in the past about my record (ie: We have not received your transcription and other similar messages) and I didn't want my 30 days to be a waste.  After a  20 minute wait time, I was able to talk to an operator.  Here was their reply:

"Your record went through on 4/30, but we have been really busy and more of us have been on the phone helping other customers.  Also, things have been pushed back because of the holidays.  We have someone evaluating your record but they are not in today.  If you do not get a final email by Monday, call us back."

So now I just sit back and wait...and maybe study some more in the meantime!

Oh and speaking of updates, Brian finally fixed the toilet after our Anniversary surprises.  I guess he is back in my good graces again :-).


  1. It sucks that you're still waiting :( Hopefully the get back to you by tomorrow!

  2. I know :-(. I hope so too. I just signed into my account I'm getting the same message. Hopefully things will change by the end of the day.


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