Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 Day Process

I can't believe my eyes.  It finally happened.  With a call made at the start of their business day on Tuesday, I got in contact with the right person to rush my approval.  I'm a very quiet person, but when it comes some something I've am deeply passionate about, I have a voice.


If you don't feel like reading, in two days my status went from:
Record in queue for final evaluation > Final evaluation complete > Pay Application balance > Paid > Transmit Record > NCARB submit record to Board > Waiting for board to receive record and approve me for testing

"Final evaluation of your NCARB Record is complete. You should have received an e-mail from an NCARB Record evaluator. Please follow the instructions from the evaluator and then contact NCARB customer service for the next step in the process."

Dear Ms. Chela,
Your Council Record has been reviewed and your Council Record status has been updated. You can check your current IDP training status on our website.  Congratulations on completing IDP !
Please continue login to your record, pay application balance, and request transmittal.

Dear Chela:
Thank you for requesting the transmittal of your NCARB Record to your state board.
If you have already received notification from NCARB that your record has been through a final evaluation and you are ready for transmittal, your record will be sent within 10 days.
You will receive separate notices after your formal evaluation is completed and again once your record is provided to your Board.
"Your IDP Record has been evaluated and you have satisfied the NCARB education and training requirements. We have received your transmittal request. You will be notified by e-mail when your Record has been sent to the registration board."

Dear  Ms. Chela,

I have reviewed your IDP training unit report and your IDP periodic assessment report detailing your cumulative activity to date.  

Per your request, a certified copy of your Council Record, indicating completion of the NCARB education and training standards, will be transmitted to your state board.   

Another waiting game but Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!  I'm slowly getting there.


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