Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!!!

Happy Halloween! 

Today is the day that I promised my Superwoman outfit!  Let me tell you how I got the idea:

Source: Google Images
Earlier this year, I got hooked on a web series called The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl.  The show is about a girl name J and the awkward situations she goes through at work and in her love life.  The first season focused on two guys that she was interested in, a co-worker and a friend of the co-worker, and the choice she had to make. 

Fred, J and White J
Source: Google Images

White J and Fred
Source; Google Images

She eventually chose one of them and the storyline continued in Season 2.   The story is narrated by J, so we get to know how she feels with some explicit language and funny one-liners that some people think but never say out loud. 

The first season had already started and the first episode I got to see was episode #10.1: "The Unexpected."  It was their Halloween special and J's co-worker, Nina, was in charge of the office.  Brian and I were confused about what the story was about so we paused it and spend the day catching up.  Hours later, we unpaused it and understood why Nina being in charge was freakin' scary.

Source: Google Images.
Anyway, since this was a Halloween episode, J and her co-workers dressed in costume.  That's when I got to see her crush, Fred:

Jay and her co-workers plus Fred's superman costume.
His simple yet awesome costume inspired me to be superwoman today!

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