Thursday, March 7, 2013

Texture Thursday: Skyping

My marley twist are gone again :-(.  I can only wear it a month at a time before I start scratching like a dog with fleas.  It doesn't matter how much I clean my scalp, but after a month, my hair wants to be free.

Source: Google Images
I can say I missed my kinky-curls but I didn't miss styling everyday.  With that said, protective styles will be my best friend.  On Tuesday, since my sister is on Spring Break, she and my Mom graced me with their presence on Skype.  They got their hair done and were pin curling their hair at the time.  My Mom doesn't know how to pin curl, so my sister showed her how to do it.  Enjoy the wonderful hairstyles of my family and I!

My sister pin curling my Mom's hair.  I have my hair flat twisted in the back and a bantu knot out in the front.
Pin curling the back.

My Mom being goofy.  I think I was laughing for 30 minutes straight talking with them!  This was the second time talking with my Mom on Skype.

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