Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women in Architecture: FOOD!

Since college, Brian and I have always had the tradition of going out after a major presentation.  The only times we didn't follow through with it was if I had a couple of all-nighters.  Minutes after my presentation, I'm back in my dorm laid out over my bed for 12 hours.  During this time, nothing could wake me up.  By time I got up, I would have lost all track of time while I'm still in my business casual attire.

Source: Google Images
To continue this tradition 5 years later, Brian and I went out to eat at an amazing seafood restaurant after last weeks presentations for Project C and School M.  Did I live up to last week's goals?

  • I will NOT stay behind the PowerPoint and be the girl that just clicks the button. I worked the PowerPoint and took notes.  It was kind of tough not to since my boss was the head presenter for Project C.
  • I am NOT a "PowerPoint Presentation girl." And I wasn't. 
  • I will SPEAK UP and present along with my bosses. I'm very soft-spoken but everyone could hear me! Woo!
  • I am the PROJECT MANAGER. And the clients saw me as such!  Go me!
  • I am a FUTURE Architect. I still need to study for my exam.  I have been slacking with studying and unfortunately, I might have to move my first exam up a month.  I suck and I need to get out of this funk I'm in.
  • Source: Google Images
  • I CAN DO THIS! And I did. The first two days, I make remarks if I was called upon. The third day, I was the main presenter. I was nervous but I got my point across.

  • And to continue with Wednesday's theme but with just photos, I am linking up with Alex @ Good Girl Gone Wife for Wordless Wednesday to show you our seafood dish. Enjoy!

    My dish: Whitings, Fried Crabs, scallops, hush puppies, cole slaw and fries.

    Brian's dish: Catfish, scallops, clams, hush puppies, sweet potatoes and cole slaw

    PSA: We went to Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant and this place gives you A LOT of food.  If you are in the Atlanta area, they are currently giving out 20% coupons for their 10 year anniversary.  They have multiple locations but you can find the coupon on their Facebook page.  It expires tomorrow!


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