Thursday, March 14, 2013

Texture Thursday: Temporary Hair Color

Remember the video that I posted on last Thursday's "It's Okay" post?

Well I did it!  I temporarily dyed my hair.  The reason I decided to do so is interesting.  All my life, I've always had medium brown hair.  It was the type of brown that I never wanted to dye.  In some lights, it was brown with golden hues; while in other lights, it had a reddish tint.  I've never dyed my hair and I've always been asked if I had done so. 

In 2008, I went natural.  Hair color was the last thing on my mind and I was focused on getting my hair healthy again.  The longer my hair got, I started to notice a change in color.  When I went to pick out hair for my marley twist, I couldn't use the hair color I did when I had a relaxer - causing me to use a mixed pack.  Then I compared pictures:

Left: My senior college picture.  Excuse my tired look, I had an all-nighter before the picture. 
Right: Love is in the Air Event
My hair had gotten darker!  I knew that if I dyed my hair, I wasn't going to commit to it so I looked up how to temporarily and safely dye my hair.  Then I found the video above on Pinterest using gel and eyeshadow.  I told Brian about it and he was sceptical about it.  Then I showed him the video and the Chemist in him was interested.  So at 1030pm on Saturday, I tried it out.  Here are my results:



I didn't evenly distribute the color because I was scared of the outcome, but I wish I did.  Overall, I would say I love it!  It really showed in the sun and the color was really subtle.  If the eyeshadow has any shimmer to it, you will see that also.  And the great thing about this is that it washes out!  Yay! I usually do the L.O.C. method (Liquid/water, oil and cream) every night, so the color has been slowly fading.

I will be trying this again soon and I won't be afraid to be heavy handed!

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