Thursday, April 11, 2013

Texture Thursday: Hairstyle for Straightened hair

It has been officially a week since I straightened my hair to do a length check.  I usually try to keep the style for two weeks before washing it, but by week one, my husband is prying the water bottle out my hands because I miss my curls.

When I first went natural, I wanted my hair to be so long so I can sway it back and forth.  Four and a half years later, whether my hair is straigthened or curly, I do not like hair on my neck.  I think that's why I can handle wearing protective styles so well.  For week one, I tried my best to wear my hair out, but after the first day, I pinned my hair back. 

Deadline + straight hair + hands in hair = Troll doll

Source: Google Images
By day three, I decided to try a hairstyle I pinned a couple weeks ago:

My "Natural Hair + Accessories" Board
I do this style a lot with curly hair, but I have never done it with straightened hair.  So I tried it out.

Brian had a little bit of technical problems first and accidently recorded me:

Then he got it right:

This style lets me protect my ends while letting me get the full use of my $65.

For week two, I will try to revise my Tibby Do' or bantu knots!

What are your favorite hairstyles that you wear from time to time?


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