Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Mr. Tibbs Goes to the Vet

Last Friday was the day I never look forward to: taking Mr. Tibbs to the Vet.  Mr. Tibbs nails were getting a little long, so I decided to take him to prevent future scratches on my arm.  He makes going to the Vet a pain, so I left work a little early to put him in the cage.  Last year, I brought him a new travel cage, but he got fussy about it so I decided to use the cage my Mom donated to me when I first adopted Mr. Tibbs.  First, I tried to put him in the cage by putting him on my arm with his bell in my hand but he flew away.  Next, I got Brian to hold his bell to distract him while I picked him up, but that didn't work either.  While he flew around the room, Brian rung his bell.  Since Mr. Tibbs was mad at me, he tried to fly to Brian and Brian tried to dodge him.  Finally, I tried the first step again and he got in the travel cage.  This whole process took 10-15 minutes.  After Mr. Tibbs calmed down, I grabbed his cage and walked him to the car.

After I secured Mr. Tibbs in the back seat, I waited for his usual squawks that last for the entire ride but nothing happened.  I turned around and peeked at him and I found him under his bell ready to start his fun:

He was actually happy!  He only gets out the house for two things: Vacation with Grandma or the Vet.  The only way he can tell the difference between the two is when I take out his travel cage, so he knew what was happening.  I was just surprised that he was happy!  We arrived to the Vet a couple of minutes late and a cat greeted us at the receptionist window.  I handed Mr. Tibbs to Brian and I signed in.  The cat was very friendly and meowed in curiosity at Mr. Tibbs.  When the receptionist heard the cat, she asked what type of pet did I have.  When I told her, she said the cat had never seen a bird before. 

After I sat down, a dog came in with his owner.  Trying not to relive the last visit to the Vet, I kept Mr. Tibbs to my side.  When the dog walked to the receptionist window, Mr. Tibbs freaked out and flapped his wings.  The dog had not interacted with a bird before, so he hid behind his owner and growled at Mr. Tibbs.

Finally it was time for Mr. Tibbs to go in the back.  I usually hate this part because he his make a little face that says "Mommy why?!" when the doctor does his work.  He kicked and squawked when the nurse and doctor grabbed him and trimmed his nails, but got distracted when he saw his bell.  Afterwards, the vet checked his ears, throat and heart and everything checked out fine.  The ordeal took 10 minutes and Mr. Tibbs nails looked very nice.   

Left: Before he saw the Vet - Happy happy joy joy!
Right: After he saw the Vet - Confused to what just happened!
Mr. Tibbs survived the visit and he is forever known as a big boy in our household! 

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