Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ARE Update: Waiting Game

Today, I am sitting here at my computer drawing on one screen and checking my email for my scores on the other.  For the State of Georgia, I heard it usually takes an average of two weeks to receive scores out of the normal 4-6 weeks that NCARB has stated. When the Blackout first started on July 1st, I was excited that Prometric/NCARB was changing their system. Unfortunately, everyone decided to rush and take their exams in June before testing was shut down for two month. This caused a slow doing in receiving scores.

The first two weeks of waiting, I kept myself preoccupied. I stayed away from any study material and I enjoyed what I missed during my study time in May and June. Then week three happened. My study partner "T" started to text me if I had received my scores.  I know the State Board for Georgia doesn't allow you to check your scores like other states, but I kept going on their website and checking my email. I even went on the AREForum to see if anyone heard anything. Then NCARB sent out a message:
"The last batch of score reports for Architect Registration Examination (ARE) divisions administered on or before 30 June 2013 is being graded by Prometric and will be sent to your jurisdiction or NCARB by July 31."

Then I started to notice people started to receive their scores. Something wasn't right, so I emailed my state board and found out this:
"I have not received your exam score for Construction Document & Services from NCARB. The last ARE scores reported from NCARB were taken 6/22/2013. "

Anyone who had taken their exam the week of June 24th had not received their scores. Yesterday on the forum, California received their scores online.  I don't know if it's a good sign for other states, but that means I have a chance of receiving my scores before the 31st.  I guess I have to make sure I don't let my mind wonder while I wait:

Source: AREForum
Especially #1:

Source: AREForum

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