Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: A Picky Eater's Favorite Fruit

Ever since I adopted Mr. Tibbs in 2008, his Vet has always told me that Mr. Tibbs needs to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Brian and I have been trying for years to figure out what he likes and usually his Vet fusses me out when we come up empty handed.  We had a couple of hit or misses, but we figured out earlier this year that he loves Fuji apples.  Last week, we found out his favorite fruit of all time!

A couple of weeks ago, our church gave all the members free fruits, vegetables and snacks.  We ate some of the food within the first week, but we ended up saving the fruit salad for Mr. Tibbs.  I went on Cockatielcottage.net to see what foods were safe to eat, and we put them all on a plate and took them upstairs for Mr. Tibbs to try.  As you know, Mr. Tibbs is a picky eater.  If you want him to try something, you either have to bring his bell to the plate or taste it in front of him (monkey see, monkey do).  Some food required a lot of convincing while others didn't. 

Here are the results:
Tibby Yummy Meter: 1 (yuck) - 5 (yum)

Blueberry TYM - 1: Wouldn't get near it.

Pineapple TYM - 2: Licked it but didn't like the taste.

Honey Dew TYM - 3: Ran to it because it was green (he loves green food), but didn't like it.

Fuji Apple TYM - 4: Like it and took a few small bites.

Watermelon TYM - 4: Like it and took a few small bites.

Cantaloupe TYM - 5:  FAVORITE FOOD OF ALL TIME (other than seeds).  He took huge bites.
The start of his love for Cantaloupe.

If it wasn't his bed time, I think he would have eaten all the cantaloupe pieces.
Brian and I don't like cantaloupe, but I guess Mr. Tibbs gave us a reason to buy them.  Go Mr. Tibbs!

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