Thursday, July 25, 2013

Texture Thursday: It's Hot

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Guys, it's hot.  Like, "I made a mistake by pressing my hair in the hottest season" type of hot.  I tried to hold on to my hairstyle as long as I could, but between the heat and the rain, I couldn't do it.  Other than reapplying heat, I decided to try bantu knots again before I washed my hair.  Here are the results:

It turned out pretty awesome!  I wish I would have did that sooner, because I discovered this after I washed my hair:

Heat damage. 

It's only located in two small spots in the front ends of my hair.  I've NEVER had heat damage before and I think I can pinpoint when I made the fatal mistake.  Well,  I learned my lesson and I will be more careful next time by not passing the flat iron over my hair more than once.  I wanted to see if my hair would possibly curl up, but I decided to just cut it off.  My ends in those sections looked horrible in my twist outs and it wasn't worth waiting till my next trim.

I think I cut a little bit of the good pieces too.  Oops.
My advice to everyone:
If you can't keep an old pressed hairstyle because of horrible weather, don't try to reapply heat.  Because you will have to do it again and again; increasing the risk of heat damage.  It's not worth it.  Just stick to a twist out, bantu knot out or something safer.

How do you handle your hair in bad weather?

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