Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ARE Update: CDS Scores

It has officially been a month since I took the Construction Documents and Services portion of the Architect Registration Exam.  Last Wednesday, I talked about how I was waiting, waiting and waiting some more for my scores.  Thursday morning, I got an email from my State Board with my scores.  I just got to work and I was already having a rough morning.  After seeing the email, I freaked out and told my co-workers and my bosses that my scores had came.  I should have told them after I opened the email so I wouldn't have an audience, but after waiting for almost a month, I didn't care.  My computer froze for a bit when I clicked on the attachment, but when it finally opened, I saw this:


I failed my first exam.  Guys, I had a feeling I didn't do so well.  My nerves got the best of me and I did the one thing that everyone says don't do for these exams and that is "don't think practical."  I applied everything I learned at work and that hurt me.  As I stared at the sheet, I tried not to cry.  I didn't want to be known as the "cry baby" at work, especially being the only female designer.  I took a few seconds to let it soak in, then I told my boss.  He told me don't let this exam break me and don't let it deter me from taking my future exams.  He also told me about his personal experience with the exam and how he had to retake a portion a couple of times.  My other boss had the same experience with his exams.

Then I had to let my study partner, T, know the scores were in and my results.  He started to freak out.  He was driving at the time, so he pulled over and checked his email.


Once I saw that, I couldn't concentrate.  I was hoping that both of us passed, but after I received my scores, I wanted him to pass even mroe.  What did we do wrong?!  We decided to go out for lunch to go over our results to see where we went wrong.  Below are the areas that I either got moderate or major deficiencies* in and what I figured out went wrong for myself (I passed content area 2: Environmental issues):

I needed to get at least 75% correct in each content area.

Content Area Vignette No. 1 - Building Section Vignette (moderate deficiencies)
The vignette was a breeze.  I had 3 minutes left and then I figured out I drew the wrong wall.  I didn't have a chance to fix it.

Source: Google Images
Content Area 1 - Codes & Regulations (moderate deficiencies)
I got too confident and decided not to study this portion.  Once I saw the questions, I knew I mess up.  I'm surprised I didn't get major deficiencies.

Source: Google Images
* Content Area 3 - Construction Drawings & Project Manual (major deficiencies)
Content Area 4 - Project & Practice Management (moderate deficiencies)
I was too practical and chose the answer close to what I do on a day to day basis.

Source: Google Images
The scores don't tell me if I was below failing by one point or if I just sucked, but I know what to look for when I retest.  After we figured out our mistakes, T and I pinky promised each other this will be the last time we cry about our exams.  We are starting our study group up again next week, so that will be the time we revamp our study habits and stay strong.

Let see how Site Planning and Design goes in September!  And I will fight CDS again in December (around the holidays). 

Merry Christmas ARE.

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