Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Did I do that?

Long time no see!

Right now, I'm wrapping up Project C.  Because of this, a lot of my posts have been limited.  It sucks, but that is a consequence of Architecture!  Anyway, Mr. Tibbs has been greeting me everyday after a busy workday.  He has been wanting to be on my shoulder or my knee more than usual, so I've been taking advantage before his mood changes.  The one thing I forget when he get affectionate is that he still isn't a fan of the guest room.  It has a television, but he doesn't have his cage with all his toys.  He has gotten better over the past year, but he still prefers our room when I have him with me.  He let me know that again last week:

He loves landing on our bookcase. 
Excuse the dust!

I'm still learning, lol.  I can't wait to be greeted with kisses from my two favorite men!

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