Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIAW: What I Love About Architecture

I'm keeping today's post short and sweet. 

Our study group starts again after a month hiatus on Saturday and I'm actually looking forward to it.  I know I will handle things better than I did for the Construction Documents exam.

In the meantime, School M is finally complete!  Even though the school had minor HVAC and Electrical renovations, it felt pretty awesome getting experience in Project Management.  Hopefully, the same experience I'm getting for Project C will help me when I retake CDS for the Architect Registration Exam.

Last week, my boss, our client and I toured School M to see the final updates and our next scope for the School.  The tour lasted for an hour and I forgot how big the school was.  My feet were killing me!  On the way out, I found this little one on the canopy:

Other than seeing my finished product, I love knowing that the end user loves it too :-).

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