About Me

My name is Chela and welcome to Botanical Reflections 2.0! 

Here is a little bit about myself:
I'm very quiet but an observant individual.  I use to blog in college for personal use and when I started Thesis in 2007, I blogged to keep track of my progress.  But once that was over in 2008, life got in the way.  I moved out of state to further my career in Architecture and three years later, I got married to my best friend, Brian, on May 28, 2011.  If you ever want to learn how to plan a wedding out of state and on a budget, just ask me!
We have one "child" together, Mr. "Sidney Quasimodo" Tibbs aka Tibby.  I adopted him when I first moved and we have been inseparable ever since.  He is a lovable birdy that has jealousy issues when it comes to me. 
Because of my fellow knotties, I decided to blog again.  This blog will keep a record of my ramblings as a wife, a pet owner, and a future Architect.

How I came up with the name:
When I was in high school, I use to make coded page layouts for one of my favorite websites.  The website I created to host the layouts was called "Botanical Reflections."  I loved flowers and I wanted my layouts to be a reflection of me.  I don't make them anymore but my website name suck with me...hence the 2.0.

Anyway,  I hope my blog is somewhat entertaining! 

Botanical Reflections 2.0: "A wife with the flower beside her name and her reflections as a wife, a pet owner and an Architectural Designer."
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