Guest Blogger

Blogger Themed Series for PLB:
Halloween for Professionals
Costumes for Pets
Happy Halloween
Blogger Spotlight

BR 2.0. as a Guest Blogger:
My Natural Journey
Snob on a Budget

Guest Bloggers on BR 2.0:
Previously On

How to contact me to be featured:
  • The guest blogger must have a blog.
  • The guest blogger will be asked 3 questions about their blog.
  • Using the theme of your blog, the guest blogger will relate their post to a theme of BR 2.0: Architecture, Married Life, Pets or Natural Hair.  (i.e.: If theme of your blog is travel, post what Architectural structures you saw on your vacation.)  See "Guest Bloggers on BR 2.0" for another example.
  • Length is not really important, just have fun with it!
  • Please, no profanity.
  • Fill out the form with the subject "Guest Blogger."
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