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One of my first site visits.
"Mrs. Architect (In Training)" contains the ramblings with my life being an Architectural Designer and my goal to becoming an Architect.  I studied Architecture in a 5 1/2 year Masters Degree program and graduated in 2008 with Best Thesis.  After graduating, I entered an Internship Development Program for Architecture and my firm helped me get the required hours.   The best way I can describe my job is: I'm a full-time employee who can do the same thing a registered Architect can; I just am a little inexperienced without my license.  In order to get to a "licensed" status, I have to complete 5600 hours for the I.D.P.  After I meet the requirements, I have to take seven exams for the Architect Registration Exam. 

Read more about my journey below!

What is the A.R.E. & I.D.P.?
My explanation

Architecture Reunions:
October 20, 2011
October 21, 2011

IDP Updates: Submitted on 4/27/12 - Completed 8/13/12
IDP Update
2 Day Process
Authorization to Test

ARE Updates: Started "Seriously" Studying 1/2/13
Women in Architecture: March 2013
ARE Update: Study Sessions
Study Study Study!
June 24, 2013
Chela's Study Guide for CDS
Coffee Break
Exam Day (CDS)
Waiting Game (CDS)
CDS Scores

Site Visits, Office Ramblings and Workshops:
Office Rant #1: Awesome-sauce
Office Rant#2: Santa Claus is coming to town!
Office Rant#3: Surprise Site Visit Rant
Wendy's Redesigned Restaurants
Office Rant #4: Take Your Zombie to Work Day
Office Rant: #5: Open Parking Lot
Inside the world of Architecture, In a terrible economy
Office Rant #6 & #7: Work and Play
Office Rant #8: Tan Lines From Typical Summer Activities
Site Visit - 2/9/12
Architects: How the World Views Us
Raise the Roof
Hours Remaining Update
Working on a Saturday
16 Hours and Counting
Week Wrap Up - Part 1: 11 Hours and Counting
A Look Back 8 Years Ago
Site Visit in Heels
They're Here!
Walkthrough Wednesday: Project Rearrange
Women in Architecture: Assistants?
Women in Architect: Part 2
Coordination Time
Out of Town Site Visit
5 Day Project
Women in Architecture: Dating an Architect
Women in Architecture: Be Assertive
Women in Architecture: Be Assertive Part 2
Women in Architecture: From Future Chela
Women in Architecture: Food!
Women in Architecture: Measured Drawings
Women in Architecture: Burnt Out
Women in Architecture: Custom Details
Thrown in the Lion's Den: An Introvert's Prospective
WIA: Last Week in my Architectural World
Candy Crush
What I Love About Architecture
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