Mr. Tibbs

Introducing Mr. Tibbs
Mr. Tibbs first came to scene when I was visiting home to give a speech at an Architecture convention on November 2008.  One of my Mom's co-worker was giving his bird away because they were moving and already had too many pets.  That's when I met Mr. Tibbs.  This 7 year old cockatiel had the personality of a 2 year old and we have been inseparable ever since.

Three years later, Mr. Tibbs gained not only a Mommy, but a Daddy.  He loves us for different reasons: He loves to use me as a perch and food source, while he uses Brian as a source of music.

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Introducing Mr. Tibbs
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Tibby TV
Welcome to Tibby-tv...where this sweet little boy can also be your worse nightmare (if your name is Brian of course!) 
Mr. Tibbs and "Up"
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New edition to the family
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He loves me, He loves me not
Is Today Sunday?
Ready for Bed!
TibbyTV: The Weekend Series
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Tibby 'Do
Life of a Bird Owner
Life of a Bird Owner - Part 2
Am I a Bad Pet Owner?
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Tibby TV Thursday: Fancy Feast
Tibby Tuesday: Olympics
Mr. Tibbs and the Emmy's
Traveling with a pet
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Art Thou A Hater?
Web Friends
March Miracle!
A Tibby Type of Sunday
Watch TV with me!
Hisses instead of kisses
My Hair is a Bird's Nest
Tibby Loves His Grandma
Mr. Tibbs Goes To The Vet
The Tibby Law
Dr. Tibbs
A Cabin for Tibby
Things that go QUACK!
Molting Season
Molting Season is Over!
A Picky Eater's Favorite Fruit
Did I Do That?
Study Time
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