Saturday, December 17, 2011

Post on a Saturday?

I know it's shocking to see a post on a Saturday.  Well there's a, great reason.  For an early Christmas present, my in-laws brought my husband and I a desktop computer!  I am so thankful!  Brian and I currently have old laptops; his is only 3 years old and always gets a virus and mines is 6 years old that runs really slow and gets the occasional BSOD.

So this morning, Brian and I put together our new computer.

This computer runs really fast!  Right now, I'm downloading all my Architecture programs and hopefully, I will be done before the end of the night.  While Brian and I were preoccupied, Mr. Tibbs had a couple of crazy and cute moments today...

His "I'm sorry Mommy"moment after he got an attitude with me and put his wings up in my face.  After flying around the room, he fell to the ground because he lost his flight feathers last weekend. Excuse my crazy face.
 And here he is drying off with the blow dryer after taking a bath.

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