Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who else but Mr. Tibbs!

Remember the Christmas miracle with Mr. Tibbs and Brian?  Well I am sad to say that it only lasted for 6 days.

Last night, I started my freelance project with two co-workers of mine.  It's my first time using my new desktop for work use and it felt pretty good.  It was really boring in the other room, so I had Brian and Mr. Tibbs to entertain me.  Mr. Tibbs wasn't use to me being in the other room, so I put him on my shoulder and he watched me work with a little bit of music in the background.  I was kinda nervous at first to do that, but then I remembered that his previous owner said that was his favorite thing to do.  Brian on the other hand, came in the room and did his silly dance routines to EVERY song that came on.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

A couple hours had passed and Mr. Tibbs moved from my shoulder to the desk. Ringing his favorite bell, he had gotten comfortable with his new "play area."  The only problem I had with him being on the desk was that his tail kept on getting in the way of the keyboard.  If I moved him, he either moved out my way or tried to bite me.  Other times, he tried to test his boundaries and jump on the keyboard.  After getting fussed out a couple of times, he knew that was off limits.

I don't know why, but he loves keyboards.  Here he is on my laptop:

Then, the phone had rung.  Still not comfortable with him being in the other room, I asked Brian to watch Mr. Tibbs while I answered the phone.  That was the worst mistake I made that night:

In my bedroom:
::Answers phone in bed room::
Me: Hi Mommy (continues conversation)

In the other room:
::Mr. Tibbs hops on the keyboard and starts walking::
Brian: TIBBY! What are you doing?!
Tibby: Tweeeeeeeet! ::Flies around the room and lands on the keyboard::
Brian: Get off that keyboard Tibby!
Tibby: ::Flies in a wedding gift bag and climbs out.::

To my surprise, I found Mr. Tibbs balancing on the edge of a gift bag.  I grabbed him and put him on my shoulder while I was on the phone.  You would think Mr. Tibbs terrorizes Brian all the time, but he only does sneaky stuff like this when I am home.  When they are alone during the day, Mr. Tibbs doesn't bother him at all.  I guess Mr. Tibbs likes competing for my love, lol.
Throughout all the crazy stuff Brian and Mr. Tibbs did, Mr. Tibbs did enjoy himself.  A few moments after Mr. Tibbs went back to his cage, I heard him whistling non-stop.

Who else but Mr. Tibbs!


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