Thursday, February 14, 2013

Texture Thursday: Valentine's Day hairstyles with Marley Twists!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It's February, so that means it's Marley Twist time again!.  I reinstalled my Marley Twists for my Mother-in-law's Annual Sorority Sweetheart Dance. Since this was the second time around, I decided to change a few things based on what I learned in December:
  • Use three packs of hair instead of two. It makes the hair look fuller and less spacey when you put the hair in a bun. I sectioned my hair in 4 and installed 9-10 braids to each section. In December it was way less.
  • For a better hold, use Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel. I’m still having hold issues with my type 3c hair, but my type 4a/4b is holding great with the hair. Since my hair is down, you can’t see the fuzziness in the back.
  • Use a different brand of Marley Hair and use the same color. In December, I couldn’t find a hair color that matched my hair. To solve this, I got two different colors and mixed them - ummmm no. To eliminate that all together, I brought M1B/27. Also, I used Femi Collection Marley Braid hair. It was much softer and the braids didn’t stick together once it was styled.
  • Have less tension styles. Even though this is obvious, I still have to reiterate it. Not only does too much tension damage your hair, it can also cause the hair to slide out; making you retwist the hair sooner. No pulling!
  • Moisture and Cleansing!  The L.O.C method (Liquid, Oil and Cream) is still important.  After I spray my hair with braid spray, I add my oils.   On weekends or when my hair is itchy, I apply braid cleaner on my scalp/near my roots then do the L.O.C method.
Now time for styling!
For the event last Saturday, I did a lot of research to find the perfect hairstyle . I wanted something unique that didn’t take away from my open backed dress. First, I start looking at Google Images and Youtube and found these styles:

  1. Style inspired by: Kinky Twists Styles 
  2. Google Images
  3. How to Style Your Box Braids
  4. Protective Hairstyle with Long Twists
  5. 7 Ways to Style Senegalese Twists
Next, I duplicated the top three that I loved (#1, #3 and part of #4):

After I picked the side bun, I duplicated it for the day of.  This style did not turn out the same way I planned: the front of my hair was changed to a pin curl and the bun was less messy. It came out even better and it was awesome!:

Even though I didn't use all the hairstyles, you could definitely use it for Valentine's Day or any day!  Next week, I will tell you how the dance turned out, Mr. Tibbs' reaction to us leaving and how to do this hairstyle!

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