Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: March Miracle!!!

Remember the Christmas Miracle of 2011?  Brian spoiled Mr. Tibbs with Youtube videos of other birds and he got comfortable and climbed on Brian for a second.  Well I think I have some news that tops it: Mr. Tibbs climbed on Brian's arm...and Brian willingly let him do so!!!

For the past couple of months, Brian has been feeding and singing to Mr. Tibbs.  Their guy bond is so strong that if I tried to interrupt it, Mr. Tibbs would get defensive and hiss at me.  Mind you, the roles were reverse when Brian and I first got married.  It has calmed down lately, especially since Mr. Tibbs realizes that I carry him, give him special treats and give him toys, lol.  I told Brian about this on Sunday, and he said that I was imagining things. 

Thursday, I decided to set up his window perch since the weather was a little warmer.  His previous owner said he loves to look out the window, so I always made sure I did this for him during the Spring and the Summer months.  He has been in love with this window perch since April 2009.

From March 2012.
He stayed on the perch for a while and flew back to his cage when he was hungry.  If he wanted to get back on the perch, he squawk for me to pick him up and carry him back to the window (he knows how to do it by himself but I spoil him).  By 830pm, he was ready for bed.  I was on Skype with my sister, so I asked Brian to cover him up.  Mr. Tibbs didn't want to fly back to the cage him, so he kept squawking to be carried.  Brian didn't want to touch him, so I came up with an idea: teach him to move Mr. Tibbs.

It took a lot to convincing but I first got Brian to put his arm out and do the step up move to Mr. Tibbs.  Before Brian could say anything to Mr. Tibbs, he climbed on his arm and then proceeded to climb on his shoulder.  I made sure I documented the whole incident because I knew my friends and family wouldn't believe me.  Mr. Tibbs didn't stay on Brian's shoulder long because Brian freaked out.  Plus Brian didn't like the feel of Mr. Tibbs' feet on his arm.

I can say I was totally surprised.  Mr. Tibbs is adorable and playful but sometimes he doesn't want to be picked up.  If I force it, he would try to bite me and then decide to go on my arm because he realizes he doesn't have to fly.  With Brian, he didn't even bite him!  Mr. Tibbs was okay with Brian picking him up.

I'm so proud of my two favorite men!


  1. Awww! That's so exciting - you should be proud of them both. I have to say, Mishka loves looking outside, too... I should definitely invest in a window perch for her.

    1. I really am. When I first got Mr. Tibbs, he did not like my husband. If my husband walked by his cage, Mr. Tibbs would hiss at him. Now, he has grown to love him!

      Mishka will love the perch! Mr. Tibbs takes a while to accept new toys. But when I introduced the perch he jumped up there and couldn't stop looking out the window :-).


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