Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Art Thou A Hater?

For the past couple of months, Brian and Mr. Tibbs has had a bond that I couldn't break.  Yes, he still gives me little kisses but it's not the same with the special treatment Brian has been getting:
  • Whistles when Brian walks by
  • Instant whistles when Brian sings to him
  • Attention when he's in the room
Maybe it's the fact that Brian is around Mr. Tibbs more than me, even though I've had him for almost 5 years.  Brian and I have been married for 2 of those years. Shouldn't those 3 years count?  I hold him, give him treats and give him extra attention, but Brian gets all the love.  I've been asking for Brian and Mr. Tibbs to get along for 2 years, but I didn't think Mr. Tibbs was going to reverse his feelings.  So far, every one's response has been "Art thou a hater?"  NO!...well maybe...

To deal with this, I decided to set out a "Mommy and Me" time with him since I was so busy last week with 3 days worth of presentations.  That's when Mr. Tibbs and I play with his toys and eat treats (he eat the treats while I pretend to eat a treat).  I've done this before and he loved it.  I tried to plan it when Brian went to Choir rehearsal on Thursday.  As soon as Brian left, Mr. Tibbs cried for him.  Before I could even play, Mr. Tibbs wanted to go to bed an hour earlier than what he is use to.

Saturday, I tried again:

First, we watched the Chica Show together.  He loooooves this show! 
Next, I got his bell and had him on my hand for a little while and he whistled a whole lot!  Too bad I didn't have enough memory on my camera to record it.

Finally, he relaxed with Brian and I.  He likes to sit really high, so he climbed on my leg and watched HIMYM.  Mr. Tibbs almost crawled on Brian, but he stopped him so this wouldn't happen again. I did manage to get Brian in one of the shots.
I guess I shouldn't have worried about Mr. Tibbs.  He loves us both for different reasons!

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