Friday, January 20, 2012

Office Rant #6 & #7 - Work and Play

Office Rant #6
It’s been almost a week since I got my hair straightened, 3 years since I put my last relaxer in and 3 ½ years since I’ve been at my firm.  Being as small as we are and being an Architecture firm, you would think they would pay attention to detail.  85% of the year, I wear my hair kinky curly, while the other 15% I wear my hair straight for a trim.

Every time I straighten my hair, I get this:
Random Co-worker: I see you got your hair done.  Did you get a relaxer?
Me: No, I straightened it for a trim.
RC-W: Ohhhh okay.
Bonus question: Are you going back to a relaxer?  Did you do it for your man?  You wanted something different? 

When has my hairstyle been more important than doing work?  And why does your selective amnesia kick in every time you see my hair?

Office Rant #7
On April 3rd, 2012, NCARB is going to be implementing IDP 2.0.  This will be their third phase in changing the way they record hours and the categories required to complete the internship.  So far, the changes did not affect me until they created the roll over and exempt policy.  The chart below shows the existing and the new categories and hours.

The chart below explains the exemption policy and shows different examples of either how your hours will rollover to the new system or you will have to complete additional hours.

I have finally finished the 7 remaining hours in Code Research.  In order to be exempt from this category, I need to submit my final hours by March so I do not have to do an extra 68 hours.  Here is the calculation they will use:
112 (hours earned) 120 (existing IDP requirements) 180 (IDP 2.0. requirements)
180 – 112 = 68 additional hours
Seriously, it was hard just to complete 120…but 68 more?!!!

I am thankful that the requirements for Construction Phase Observation have not changed.  I only need 43 core hours in Construction Phase – Observation and 40 elective hours in Project/Office Management.  I emailed my boss all this information and we are trying to fast track my hours so I can start me test.

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