Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Bird-a-versary Mr. Tibbs!

Today is a special day to me.  On November 15, 2008, I adopted my bird, Mr. Tibbs.  I can remember vividly the months leading up to his adoption. 

Before graduation in May, I found out that I had received the Best Thesis Award for my Architectural Thesis.  Not only did I win a monetary prize, but I had the opportunity to speak at an Architectural convention during the Summer and in the Fall.  I had also received a job offer in July and I moved to Georgia. 

During my first presentation on June 2008
Life was moving so fast for me.  Once I got my first townhouse, I was alone.  Brian and my family were 600 miles away and my closest family (who only lived 15 minutes from me) were not helpful with my stay.  I was feeling homesick.  In November, I had my second convention speech and I visited my family afterwards.  My Mom had some news.  A co-worker of hers was giving away his bird because his family was moving and they had too many pets.  My Mom didn’t know the type of bird and she said his name was “Mr. Tubs.”  She knew that I always wanted a pet of my own, so she recommended me.

That Saturday, my stepfather and I went to the address that my Mom wrote down.  I was greeted at the door by a woman who appeared to be in her 60’s and she led me to her computer room.  That’s when I met a medium size, 7 year old cockatiel named “Mr. Tibbs.” 

November 15, 2008
Mr. Tibbs at the time was on top of his cage playing with his bell.  I took a step back because I was surprised about how large he was.  The owner wanted to test to see if Mr. Tibbs liked me so she told me to hold his bell and ring it.  As I did so, Mr. Tibbs flew to me.  She was surprised by this.  She began to tell me more about him such as his like, tricks and dietary restrictions.

Andy Griffith
His Bell
Sitting on your shoulder while you are on the computer
Sitting in front of a blow dryer
Light spritzing of water

Getting in the cage when you tell him
Whistling tunes

Finally, it was time to say goodbye.  I could tell that his owner was having a hard time, so she covered him and wished us well.  In the car, Mr. Tibbs whistled his favorite songs; oblivious to what was happening.  The ride home was only 30 minutes, but I stayed in the back seat with Mr. Tibbs.  When we made it home, I placed him in the kitchen with my Mom’s parakeets, Sky and Angel, to get him settled and let him out the cage.  My first thought was “hey he liked me at the house and he went in the cage on command, so everything should be fine.”  Boy, was I wrong.  Mr. Tibbs first instinct was to get on top of the cage and scan the room.  Everything was different and much lower than what he was used to.  He remained quiet as he stared at Sky and Angel.  When it was time for him to get back in the cage, he didn’t move.  That’s when I thought of the dumbest idea ever.  To help him get accustomed to our house, I let Sky out and held her in my hand.  Not only did Sky freak out, but so did Mr. Tibbs and they flew around the room.  I caught Sky and put her in the cage while Mr. Tibbs continued to fly around the kitchen and den.

After an hour, I caught him using a stick from my car and I guided him to his cage.  I had to say goodbye to Mr. Tibbs since I didn’t have a ticket to bring him on the plane.  My Mom watched him for two weeks for me till it was time for me to come back home for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t let him out his cage till Brian and I drove back to Georgia.  It took Mr. Tibbs a while to warm up to me; and when he did, he never looked back.

After my eye doctor’s appointment today, I went home briefly to wish him a happy Bird-a-versary:

Treats I prepared for his Bird-a-versary.
Mr. Tibbs is growing up so fast and I am blessed to have him in my life!

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