Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Women in Architecture: International Women's Day

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Since this week is deadline week, I will be neglecting BR 2.0 for a little bit but providing my readers with other blogs/websites that have today's theme.  Enjoy! 

International Women's Day was on March 8th, so I decided to gather these amazing articles about Women in the field of Architecture! 

Infographic: Women in Architecture
Repost of what started my Wednesday theme!

The 10 Most Overlooked Women in Architecture History

Women In Architecture: We Need Them

My Motherhood + Architecture Adventure

Scholarship Funds for Women in Architecture: 
Women in Architecture Fund
"The WIAfund, awarded at least twice per year, helps women by gifting the study materials for the exam." -
“In place to support women in their efforts to make progress, become professionals, and become leaders in today’s field of Architecture in the United States.” -WIA Fund

 Association For Women in Architecture + Design
California residents only

And here are my regular blog reads for Architects in general:
Life of an Architect
Bob's adventures of what it's like to be and work with an Architect.

Daily comics of what its like to work in an Architectural office.

ARE Study Review 4.0
Architect Registration Exam study guides on Blogger.

Ireland by Chance
My college professor's adventures of being in Ireland.

Intern 101
An architect's blog of educating interns in the profession.

ARE Update: I signed up for my first study session conducted by my local AIA in April!  They are also hosting a Workshop for the drawing portions of the exam in June.  I will be signing up for that too since I missed last year's workshop.  Once I get the feel of the study session in April, I will sign up for my first exam!  In the meantime, I am studying during my lunch breaks.

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