Thursday, July 11, 2013

Texture Thursday: July 2013 Length Check!

Tuesday was my 3 month trim.  During these trims, I get a press and trim and afterwards; I do a length check to make sure I'm on the right check for length retention.  The Summer is usually when I have problems retaining length and I have to do a mini chop.  For the first time in 4 1/2 years of being natural, I passed my length threshold!

Here are my April and July comparisons:

Click here for my past 3 length checks.
And here was my regimen for the past 3 months:
Red: Change from my usual regimen

Washing -
  • Once a week: co-wash, leave in conditioner, deep conditioner
  • End of the month: sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner
Styling -
  • Wash night:
    • Put my hair in 4 twists and dry with a shirt on my head for 15-20 minutes (or when my hair is 80% dry).
    • Water + leave in conditioner + oil/butter (LOC Method).
    • Create 6-9 flat twists or Pineapple my hair.
    • Unravel in the morning with oil + style.
  • Every night or when my hair feels dry:
    • Spritz with water + oil/butter (LOC Method).
    • Create 6-9 twists or bantu knots or Pineapple my hair.
    • Unravel in the morning with oil + style.
  • Every 3 months: Press and trim.
  • Once every 3 months: Protective style for a month  - Marley Twists 
My products -
  • Co-wash Conditioner: Tresemme Professionals
  • Shampoo + Conditioner: Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus
  • Deep Conditioner: Organics Hair Mayonnaise
  • Leave In: Shea Moisture Hair Milk Coconut and Hibiscus
  • Oil/ButterCantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Creme or Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier
I think I love my new regimen.  Hopefully, I can keep this up!

What do you do to retain length?

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