Monday, November 12, 2012

Exciting Dates

My life hasn’t been that interesting lately but I have been looking forward to a couple of dates:

Thanksgiving is officially 10 days away.
I am more excited than usual this year about Thanksgiving this year because of three things! 
1.      I haven’t seen my family since Thanksgiving 2011 and I will be seeing everyone again for the first time.  Since I’ve moved out of town, I always planned my trips Friday after work.  I always flew, so I didn’t have to worry about driving and eating up my trip.  Now that I’m married and it’s cheaper to drive, Brian and I have been planning our trips around holidays.  This year has been crappy:
a.      Memorial Day weekend is our anniversary so that’s a definite no. 
b.      July 4th was on a weekday.
c.      Labor Day weekend had a major Hurricane.
d.      I’m not off on other holidays.
2.      My family is hosting Thanksgiving in Virginia.  Every Thanksgiving, my family host dinner in a different State at an Aunt or Uncle’s house.  Last year, they had it in Mississippi.  2010 was in Georgia.  2009 was back in Virginia.  2008 was in Texas.  It’s tough for everyone to make it because of the distance.  This year, we are having it in Virginia again and everyone is going!  My family hasn’t been together since 2004.  Even at my wedding in 2008, everyone was there except for my Uncles in Mississippi and Texas.  Oh and my camera is working again, so I can document this!
3.      Three house visit.  This tradition started in 2008.  Once I moved to Georgia, I had a tough time visiting everyone during the holidays.  I visited my family on my Mom’s side and my in-laws, but my Grandparents on my dad’s side complained that I didn’t visit enough during the holidays.  So I split my Thanksgiving dinner to three visits.  Last year, I made the mistake of portioning my visits incorrectly.  This year, Brian and I made a plan:
a.      Visit my Mom’s house and drop Mr. Tibbs off.
b.      Visit my Mom’s side of the family and make a to-go meal and socialize. 
c.      Visit my Grandparents, eat my first meal and socialize.  My grandmother hates us coming to her house with a full belly, so I have no choice.
d.      Visit my in-laws, eat dessert and socialize.
e.      Stay at my Mom’s house for the first night and eat the to-go meal on Friday.
f.       Stay at my in-law’s house the next two days to make up for the short visit.

Mr. Tibbs’ bird-a-versary is officially 3 days away.
I can’t believe I have had my “little man” for almost 4 years.  His personality has changed so much and I love having him as a pet.  I will post more about it on Tibby Thursday. 

My car will be paid off!  My car was the major bill that I needed to be wiped out so I can start saving even more for my exams.  I’m still aiming for January/February to take my first exam.

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