Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Tibby Loves His Grandma

I don't write much about my family, but from some of my posts you know that my Mom is a bigger "Bird Lady" than me.  I don't know how she does it, but she can get Mr. Tibbs and her birds to do anything she wants.  When I first adopted Mr. Tibbs, I couldn't take him back with me because I was traveling on a plane.  I wasn't coming home for another two weeks for Thanksgiving, so I left him with my Mom.  In those two weeks, she was able to teach Mr. Tibbs a new trick, fatten him up with treats and love her more than me...like any Grandma would. 

My Mom should be a Disney Princess.
Source: Google Images
Since my Mom lives 600 miles away, it's hard to get Mr. Tibbs to travel with us.  The only times he travels with us is during Thanksgiving when we have a 4 day weekend.  When he does come to visit, he stays with my Mom and his "Uncle and Aunt," Sky and Tweety.  In the meantime, my Mom loves to talk tweet with her "Grandbird" on the phone.  The weirdest thing is that he knows her voice.

June 4, 2010:
Mr. Tibbs having a conversation with my Mom. Everytime I get my camera, he stops tweeting like he was. This video doesn't show how he really gets when he and my Mom talk tweet, lol.

April 20, 2013:
I made a promise to Mr. Tibbs that I would let him talk with my Mom last weekend.  He perks up when he hears her voice.  And again, he hates the camera and my Mom zones out, LOL. 

Mr. Tibbs only does this for his Grandma, my Uncle C and Brian.  What about meeee :-(

Source: Google Images

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