Friday, October 7, 2011

Recipe #4: Leftovers and Dessert

Happy Friday Everyone!

Last night was awesome. I got to watch my 3 favorite Thursday night shows (Vampire Diaries, The Office, and Whitney) and I got to try a new dessert.

During lunch, I was so full that I brought my bread home.  Brian reused it and made garlic bread out of it.  He sliced it up, put butter on it, and sprinkled it with cheese and garlic powder.  Also, we decided to try the pizza again but this time we used Italian dough.

My May 2011 knottie friends, Jessica from A housewife who bakes........How shocking.... & Jessica from Points of Interest, posted a camp fire dessert called: Banana Boat.

Here's how it turned out:

It tasted great.  I didn't have the mini marsh mellows or the chocolates, so I cut up the chocolate bars and jumbo marsh mellows.  Also, I didn't have a grill, so I set the oven on 300 degrees and left it in there for 5 mins.


  1. Mmmm, that pizza looks good! I'm glad you enjoyed the banana boats :) They're so tasty, easy, and deliciously messy.

  2. It really is. I made it again on Sunday and I added crushed graham crackers to it :-). Thanks again for the recipe!


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