Monday, July 23, 2012

Married Monday: Weekend Recap 7/23

Happy Monday!

Usually I dread Monday's but after last week's deadline and coordination, I feel totally refreshed that our 90% submittal is complete.  Instead of contacting me through email, the structural engineer called me on Friday to apologize and come to a truce to coordinate our drawings.  The more he kept talking, the more he made me feel part of the group.  Even though a lot of information was given at the last minute, I think a lot of issues were figured out.  I stayed at work later that usual to finish my last bit of work so I wouldn't have to work over the weekend.  If I would have worked over the weekend, this would have happened.  Today I'm still creating 3D models, but a load is finally off my shoulders. 

On Saturday, I actually slept till 9:45am.  Nothing really happened other than cleaning up and pure relaxation.  After our afternoon nap, Brian and I went downstairs to make dinner.  During this time, we got a phantom door bell.  For the past couple of weeks, our door bell has been going off randomly.  Sometimes during the day, other times in the middle of the night.  Each time, Mr. Tibbs would freak out and either flap his wings in his cage or fly around our room.  The great thing about Mr. Tibbs is that he never leaves the room when he flies.  Since Project Rearrange, he hasn't seen the other room.  Saturday afternoon, he got a full view.  After the door bell when off, I heard Mr. Tibbs fly around the room.  Then the sounds got louder and louder.  As I ran up stairs, I found Mr. Tibbs on the bookcase in our guest room.  I didn't have time to get our camera but I held Mr. Tibbs and went downstairs to show Brian.
Project rearrange superimposed on our 2nd floor layout provided by our Townhouse
       Mr. Tibbs' Usual Flight Path
       Mr. Tibbs' Phantom Door Bell Flight Path

Sunday, we found out that Project Rearrange is back in full effect.  My god-brother is coming to visit on the first week of August to shadow my firm.  After watching him for so many years, I didn't realize that he wanted to be an "Architect" just like me.  I'm so excited for his visit, but since he is staying, we have to continue with Project Rearrange.  The room is clean but now we have to set up the blow up bed and finish hanging up the photos.

Pictures coming soon of our progress!

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  1. I love the flight plan map! Mr. Tibbs's adventures are always amusing.


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