Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mr. Tibbs revisits the Apple

Mr. Tibbs and the Apple: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 - Revenge
Remember in 2011 when Brian and I were trying to get Mr. Tibbs to eat more apples?  His vet told us that Mr. Tibbs needed to get more fruits because seeds were considered "candy" to him, so we gave him an assortment of sliced and mashed Granny Smith apples.  I think we forced it on him too much because he was angry when we tried it a third time.  We got the message.

13 months later, Brian decided to buy Fuji and Gala apples because they ran out of Granny Smith apples at the store.  I hate red apples but these apples were sooo sweet!

Fuji apples.  Source: Google Images

Because apples don't leave crumbs, Brian has been eating the apples upstairs after dinner.  Usually Mr. Tibbs is covered up and Brian can enjoy his apple in peace.  Then the craziest thing happened on Friday - Brian ate an apple around Mr. Tibbs.  The one thing I warned Brian about before we got married is eating around Mr. Tibbs.  Eating around Mr. Tibbs gave you two results: Mr. Tibbs joining you (monkey see monkey do) or Mr. Tibbs trying to grab your food.  Brian experienced the second result.

Brian's analysis:
"He tried to attack me, lol!  He was eyeing my apple (fuji, got gala too cause they didn't have my green ones) and he was staring hard!  Then he flew right for it!  So I had to break a piece off for him to hold up so he could eat it.  He did that head thing where he bobs up and down.  He was doing it so much I went closer to see where he was looking.  Then he took off, lol."

When I got home, I saw Brian feeding Mr. Tibbs.  Apparently Mr. Tibbs looooves Fuji apples.  When he tried Granny Smith apples, he only licked the apple and left it alone.  With the Fuji apples, not only does he take bites, he comes back for more.  I also can't believe that he ate out of Brian's hand!

Last Friday and Monday
Be careful when you befriend Mr. Tibbs; he will expect you to share everything, including your food!  If you don't this will happen:

Mr. Tibbs flew on my head in 2009 when I didn't give him a bite of my breakfast bar.

If you have a pet cockatiel, Cockatiel Cottage has a list of safe and toxic foods for your pet to eat!  They also have ways to introduce new food to your pet. 

Check it out!

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