Thursday, March 21, 2013

Texture Thursday: Questions

On Sunday, I received a question through my page about my Marley Twist:

"Where are the photos of you with twists done w/ marley hair?? Is there a tutorial?? How much hair did you use? How long did it take?? How big were they?? Thanks!"
Photos can be found here:
Chela's Natural Hair Page
Chela's Marley Twists Posts
First Installation
Second Installation

Marley Twist Side Bun
These links show my natural journey, my first and second trial with the twists and hair styles that I have done.
I got the tutorial from CurlyNikki & Alovelydaybr:
A Lovely Day BR
These two links contain Youtube videos of how to twist the hair.
These are my results for the first and second installation:
First Installation
Second Installation
These links contain what I used and the outcome of the twists.
Not including washing and drying, it took me 2 hours with 2 packs of hair. When I did 3 packs, it took 4 hours. I recommend using 3 packs because it makes the hair look fuller and less spacey. I had about 40 twists with 3 packs. It depends on the look you are going for. When I installed them, I join two pieces of hair together and fluffed them. They were about the size of two pencils. You can see them on the links above.
Hopefully, these links helped the poster above and anyone else who has questions!

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